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GOP Candidate Declared Rightful Winner After Computer Glitch Wrongfully Said Dem Had Won

•, By Randy DeSoto

The culprit was a computer glitch, ABC Detroit affiliate WXYT-TV reported, which seems to be going around in the Wolverine State.

Antrim County, in northwest Michigan, flipped from a Democrat Joe Biden win to one for President Donald Trump after discovery of a computer error in tabulating the votes.

"I'd like to thank the officials who caught the error and corrected the vote tabulation," wrote Kochenderfer.

Meanwhile, results published in Antrim County flipped from Biden to Trump.

On Wednesday, Biden enjoyed about a 3,000 vote lead, according to Detroit Free Press.

Trump had carried the country over Hillary Clinton by approximately 4,000 votes in 2016.

Tom McMillin, a former state lawmaker from Oakland County, near Detroit, and member of the State Board of Education told Detroit Free Press that he noticed irregularities with the Antrim County vote tallies late Tuesday when he was reviewing the returns for Board of Education candidates.

"It just looked weird," he said, noting Biden and fellow Democrats had far more votes than normal. "Two-thirds of the townships looked really messed up."

On Friday, "Officials with Antrim County posted updated results showing President Trump won the county with 9,783 votes making up 56.46% of ballots cast. Joe Biden earned 7,289 votes or 42.07%," WLNS-TV reported.