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Groundbreaking Claim! Trump Set Up Democrats In Sophisticated Sting Operation...

•, Kelen McBreen

Infowars guest and intelligence expert Steve Pieczenik broke bombshell news during Thursday's broadcast of War Room with Owen Shroyer.

According to Pieczenik, President Trump assumed Democrat tomfoolery would be needed to prevent him from securing a second term via the 2020 election.

In order to ensure the election remained fair, POTUS devised an advanced trap.

Hidden, trackable watermarks were allegedly put onto ballots so they could be verified if necessary.

"This is really a sting operation, contrary to what everyone else said," Pieczenik explained. "We watermarked every ballot with QFS blockchain encryption code. In other words, we know pretty well where every ballot is, where it went and who has it, so this is not a stolen election."

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I'd love this to be true, but I'm pretty sure ballots are printed locally, because they contain races and propositions at that level in addition to the national races. I'm not saying that Homeland Security couldn't slap an identifier on each ballot, but that would be a monumental task. A more likely approach to an election fraud sting would be to insert operatives into the ranks of election workers.

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