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Criminal NY Governor Declares New Fascist COVID Rules

• by Jon Rappoport

In Beijing, he'd be under 24-hour surveillance as a crazy man who might go off and do something bizarre and harmful.

Chinese security man staring at a screen: "Who's that idiot on the corner poking people with his broom?'

Colleague: "Oh, that's Cuomo, the American. He loves our system. He moved here a few years ago. We'll leave him alone for now. He's good press for us. We can say, 'See, that's what Americans are like.'"

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is presiding over the lockdown death of his state, and of NY City. Many of his rich citizens are bailing out of NY with their tax money and moving to Montana and other points west and south. Soon, NY, minus billions in tourist dollars, will be collecting so few taxes they wouldn't fill a single garbage pail on a desolate boarded-up city street.

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