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Trump is right about Iraq: Time to end the mission and withdraw all troops

•, Daniel L. Davis

Around the same time, Gen. Frank McKenzie seemed to contradict the president, implying U.S. troops couldn't withdraw because there was "still work to do" in training the Iraqi Security Forces.

It's unfortunate that there hasn't been more talk about Iraq in the lead-up to the election, as thousands of U.S. troops remain stationed there. Regardless of who is president come January 2021, a comprehensive assessment of America's long involvement in Iraq reveals full withdrawal is the best policy for U.S. interests.

In May 2004, President Bush told the American people that Iraq was on the path to becoming a fully functioning democracy. In upcoming elections, Mr. Bush explained, "the Iraqi people will choose a transitional national assembly, the first freely-elected, truly representative national governing body in Iraq's history" and craft a new constitution. The leader of that Iraqi-selected government turned out to be Nouri al-Maliki.