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Our Chinese "Friends"

•, by L. Neil Smith

Things happen before they can be covered up. Occasionally, lifelong career prevaricators like Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi stumble and let the truth slip out and we are suddenly enlightened.

In a Breitbart article today, written by a splendid journalist, Frances Martel, we are informed that the Chinese Communist government officially thought the latest debate between President Donald Trump and the doddering Joseph Biden, was essentially unimportant, calling it "constant whining and blaming". The Global Times, according to Martel "the most aggressively anti-American of Beijing's English-language propaganda newspapers", asserted on Friday that Chinese political "experts" (with both lobes tied behind their backs) viewed the debate as a display of rot in American political thinking. Presumably this is the "rot" that has set in since John Kerry and Barack Obama aren't around to service their desires any more.

The Chinese seemed focused on charges related to the Wuhan Flu which they created and spread around the world. "Yeah," they argued feebly, "but you guys created H1N1 and AIDS!" neither claim being verifiable; I don't know about H1N1; AIDS arose in Africa among the green monkey population, the salient question being, who … "We're your allies," they protest vehemently, "not a threat!" Which is why they're using naval force to try to drive the Vietnamese and the Japanese out of international waters in the South China Sea. I hope they discover it's a good way to lose aircraft carriers.

The momentary flash of truth was this: "The Global Times regularly publishes columns describing the concept of a free society, and the American republic system in particular, as an 'outdated fantasy' and that allowing citizens to express themselves politically without criminal consequences results in 'chaos.' The newspaper presents China's totalitarian political system as a protector of social 'harmony,' made possible by silencing dissidents." And, as communist China's intellectual forebears might have added, by sending them to the gas chambers.

The added emphasis is entirely mine; I'm sure Thomas Jefferson would be amused at hearing his world-altering ideas dismissed as "an outdated fantasy". One might even think it proves the wisdom of protecting the absolute right of the individual to own and carry weapons. I read the other day that China has an impressive 2.8 million soldiers under arms. America has 70 million gun owners ready to repel invaders.