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This Is Not a Time for Insouciance–Democrats Intend a Coup

• https://www.paulcraigroberts.orgPaul Craig Roberts

Dear Friends,

If you have not read my recent postings: 

you are not meeting your responsibility to your life and property and that of your family and friends.

Unless President Trump wins reelection overwhelmingly so that it cannot be challenged, the Democrats and the presstitutes will not acknowledge his win.  

The newspapers, TV, NPR, Twitter, and Internet websites will be full of accusations that Trump stole the election and that Putin hacked the voting machines.  The media will refuse to declare a winner, and Biden will not concede.  The outcome will be kept open to count the mail-in votes (polls show that most Democrats intend to vote by mail). 

This provides days, perhaps weeks during which the Democrats can file challenges and the presstitutes can propagate their lies.  Media will speak with one voice and control the explanations. Trump will be denied all media forums including Twitter.  

Cities and states misgoverned by Democrats will permit and even encourage rioting and pillage in the name of "peaceful protests" against the Nazi in the White House who claims he won an election that he lost, or, perhaps more likely, was stolen from him by vote-by-mail fraud.