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The Dots Are Connecting for An Impending Invasion of the United States

•, Dave Hodges

Here is a letter of apology I received about a month ago. 

Dear Dave,

For several years, I though you were nuts with regard to your Red Dawn invasion of America led by Chinese forces. However, in recent months, I have seen this plot unfold and now we have it north of our border too. I apologize for the negative messages I used to send you. Thank you for sticking to your guns. We are in trouble and all of use should have been paying attention to you and Steve Quayle all along.


Richard Fromme

The coming invasion of America is not new. We can trace the primary roots of this plot to at least 2006, from a military perspective and over a generation from an economic perspective. At seemingly every turn when I research a multitude of potential threats against the United States, I find the Chinese at the bottom of virtually every threat. It is becoming clear that China is close to completing its plans to occupy key areas as a precursor to invade the United States. This article is the first part of a two part series on this subject.