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Trump walked out of ill-tempered 60 Minutes interview after clashes with 'Biden biased' anch


President Donald Trump slammed '60 Minutes' host Lesley Stahl for not wearing a mask at the White House after walking out of an interview with her

The president reportedly did not like the tough questions posed by the CBS journalist, who quizzed him on his response to the coronavirus pandemic and questioned the size of his campaign rally crowds 

CNN reported Tuesday that Trump abruptly left his '60 Minutes' sit-down after 45 minutes and failed to reappear for a segment with Vice President Mike Pence 

Trump later tweeted a video of a bare-faced Stahl at the White House writing that she was 'not wearing a mask in the White House after her interview with me'

Both Trump and Stahl contracted the coronavirus and were hospitalized and have since both recovered 

The New York Times reported that Stahl had worn a mask up to that point and the video Trump shared was captured directly after interview

White House press aide Karoline Leavitt, who also had COVID-19, said Stahl had criticized her for working un-masked. 'Rules for thee but not for me,' she wrote