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As Hunter Biden scandal gets ready to explode in their faces, Big Tech,

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(Natural News) While Adam Schiff and many Democrats continue to babble on about Hunter Biden's laptop being some new kind of a 'Russian disinformation campaign', and twitter, facebook, 'big tech' and the mainstream media in general continue to censor any efforts to get the story out to America, Piers Morgan over at the Daily Mail recently published a new story in which he 'lays to waste' Biden's attempt to 'dodge' this scandal that should be the final hole in his sinking ship.

(Article by Stefan Stanford republished from

Titled "Despite the best, biased efforts of Facebook, Twitter and the overwhelmingly Trump-hating media to kill the story, Biden now has serious questions to answer about Hunter's dodgy deals and he can't duck them forever", Morgan also slays 'big tech' and their attempts to censor this story.

With twitter recently telling the NY Post that they'll continue to keep the NY Post twitter account locked until they delete all stories referring to Hunter Biden giving 100% proof to Americans all across the country that they'll attempt to 'alter the course' of the 2020 election, even if it proves them to be traitors to America, as Mike Adams had reported in this October 16th story over at Natural News, "If Biden 'wins', the election is NULL AND VOID because of Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube election interference". From that story before we continue.:

With Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google now conspiring to censor all the bombshell breaking news about the Hunter Biden / Joe Biden crime family, we can now declare the upcoming election to be null and void if Biden wins. 

Why? Because the elections process of our constitutional republic depends on fair and free elections taking place, which means people must have the freedom to read the news, debate ideas and share ideas without politically motivated interference and censorship from the techno-tyrants, the speech monopolists who decide what you're allowed to say. The coordinated, malicious blocking of the NY Post investigative journalism stories on Hunter Biden's emails and Joe Biden's complicity with Ukraine and China constitute illegal election interference.