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'Married at First Sight' Star Badly Wounded After Machete Wielding Burglars Attack Home

•, By AU Staff

The thugs, who were reportedly armed with Machetes attacked Pugh's home late at night and he was then forced to defend himself with his bare hands.

As The New York Post reports:

He starred in "Married at First Sight" but this British reality TV star looked a fright after he was attacked in a home invasion robbery, newly released images show.

David Pugh, 56, was shirtless and covered in blood from his forehead to his waist after the bizarre attack left him looking like a victim in a horror movie.

The salesman, who appeared in the show about instant marriages this month, used his knowledge of Krav Maga martial arts to fight back against the five machete-wielding thugs who broke into his Catherine-de-Barnes, England, home in Feb. 2018, the Sun reported.

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