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The Newly Formed Alliance Between Trump & Mexican President AMLO...

•, Dave Hodges

Forces loyal to Mexican President, AMLO, are attempting to save their country from a complete takeover of CHICOM forces. The targets of the takeover are threefold at this point in time and include the following.

Mexican Pacific ports.

Mexico's potentially massive energy industry.

Control of Mexican northern states. This goal is critical to China's long-term goal of invading the southern under-belly of the United States through what is typically referred to as the Red Dawn.

In this article, direct evidence, much of it has been previously published on the CSS, which demonstrates the Chinese move to control Mexican energy. This is being done for two reasons:

The CHICOMS do indeed need cheap energy source that they control if they are going to wage war in Central and North America and it needs to be cemented in Mexico's northern states in order to avoid the pitfall of long supply lines.