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Nolte: We All Know Why Joe Biden Is Hiding Out Two Weeks from Election Day


Think about this…

Joe Biden's mental frailty, his position on packing the Supreme Court, and his son Hunter's emails are so bad, he and his campaign believe he is better off hiding from the public than going out and campaigning during the final two weeks of the election.

First, though, let's talk about how outrageous it is for Biden to be so smug and secure in his victory, so smug and secure the national media will campaign on his behalf, that he thinks he can sit it out, hug the ball, run out the clock, while President Donald Trump is out there doing two and three events a day — while being president.

Never before in my 54 years have I seen anything like this. Okay, nothing about how corrupt and evil the national political media are in any way surprises me. Nothing. The media have embraced political terrorism… Not a surprise. The media are basically running Joe Biden's campaign against Trump… Not a  surprise.

No joke — if we find out the media have hired assassins to take out their political opponents, that would not surprise in the least. Same with Big Tech.

So the media's behavior does not surprise me. But Biden almost entirely removing himself from the campaign trail for days and days and days this close to an election… Amazing. Who would have ever thought the 2020 Democrat nominee would make Hillary Clinton look like a workhorse.

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