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China unveils its terrifying 'suicide drones' that can be launched in swarms to annihilate..


China has flaunted its latest military drones: a team of small attacking aircraft that can be launched in swarms and work together in midair to destroy targets on the ground.

The weapon, dubbed 'suicide drones', can be launched from the back of a truck or a helicopter and strikes the enemy precisely, a propaganda video shows.

This is the first time China has put into use a group of unmanned aerial vehicles that operate as a unit to complete military tasks, according to their state-controlled manufacturer.

China has stepped up its military drone race with the United States in recent years.

Among others, its arsenal includes unmanned stealth fighter jets fitted with AK-47 rifles and deadly drone bombers which can fly 35 hours without refuelling.  

The news comes after China's state broadcaster showed off a military drone that carries two grenade launchers.

The new drone troop completed a series of tests in September, said its state-run creator, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC).

All of the aircraft are said to be fixed-wing drones, instead of multi-rotor drones. With a rigid structure, fixed-wing drones can fly at higher altitudes and are faster and more stable.

Although the developer is yet to reveal the exact model of the drones, they appear to be similar to the CH-901, a type of loitering munition developed by the Chinese military.