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Review: Nireeka's powerful, carbon-framed Prime e-fatbike is a beauty

• by Loz Blain

his Dubai-based company stormed onto the scene with a killer deal on its first bike, the dual-suspension, hub-drive Homie, back in 2018, and backed it up this year with a mid-drive, hardtail, fat-tired cruiser called the Prime. And Prime's the name for it alright, I can't think of any other bicycle that looks so much like it could suddenly stand up and start commanding the Autobots. 

I own another mid-drive ebike, a big, fast, intimidating-looking no-name black thing out of Taiwan. The Prime absolutely dwarfs it. In fact, as I'm pulling it out of the box and assembling it, I'm struck by the size of the components themselves.

The front wheel comes out of the box first, with its 26 x 4-inch, chunky Schwalbe Jumbo Jim fat tire and 160mm brake disc on. It's bigger than either wheel on my old 250cc KTM dirt bike. Picture a typical quick-release front axle for a bicycle ... Nuh-uh. The front axle on this thing is half an inch thick, and it attaches to the full-length air-cushioned suspension forks on our test bike using much the same procedure as a motorcycle, pinch bolts and all.