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NeoCharge Smart Splitter Provides Option For Home EV Charging Needs

• InsideEVS

They say necessity is the mother of invention. We think that's fitting for a new product developed to help EV owners charge their cars at home without needing to invest a lot of money to upgrade their electrical supply.

We're talking about NeoCharge, a smart circuit splitter that allows EV owners to share a single circuit for multiple uses. NeoCharge plugs into an outlet and provides two receptacles (one on each side) so two items can be plugged into the same outlet. So why would someone need a circuit splitter to charge an EV? Actually, there are two distinct use cases for NeoCharge to help EV owners charge up with the least inconvenience and expense.

Use Case #1: Charging your EV from an appliance outlet 

Many people have a 240v outlet in their garage because they have an electric clothes dryer or water heater there. If they do, chances are it's either a NEMA 14-30 or NEMA 10-30 outlet and on a dedicated 30-amp circuit.

They then get an EV and would like to use the outlet to charge their car to save the expense of installing another outlet on a dedicated circuit. Even worse, their home's electricity supply might not be able to provide another 240v circuit without a service upgrade that can cost upwards of $5,000.