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MEDIA Ignores Truth About BLM Protester, Anarchist, Cop-Hating, Trump-Hating Radicals Behind...

•, By Patty McMurray

Six men have been arrested over an alleged plot to kidnap the Democrat governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, and turn her over in Wisconsin for trial on the charge of treason. The complaint that was unsealed in a federal court today, charges six men, five of the men are Michigan residents Adam Fox, Ty Garbin, Kaleb Franks, Daniel Harris, Brandon Caserta, the sixth man, Barry Croft is a Delaware resident.

Whitmer has been criticized by Independent voters, Republicans, and Democrats for her draconian lockdown measures over the COVID pandemic, causing businesses to close and over one million residents to file for unemployment.

During an interview with Paul Egan of the Detroit Free Press, Governor Whitmer, with no evidence of her vile accusation, attempted to tie the group of men accused of plotting to kidnap her to President Trump and white supremacy.

At the 2:03 mark, Egan asks, "Governor, as I understood your remarks right now, you said that President Trump is basically complicit in giving encouragement to groups such as this. An I understanding you correctly?" he asked. Whitmer responded, "I said that words matter and anyone that is in a leadership position and is fraternizing or giving comfort to militia groups is complicit." Whitmer clarified, "We're talking about white supremacy groups and that's exactly what we're confronting right now." She continued, When leaders, whether it is um, a local leader or it is the President of the United States, our words matter. And they either calm things down, or they incite them," Whitmer said.