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CIA Mockingbirds Shake the World (Publisher Recommended!!!)

• by Jon Rappoport

More than once, after I've written and published a piece along these lines, someone asks me, DID THAT REALLY HAPPEN? The answer is NO, BUT IT WOULD. IF PUBLIC FIGURES CONFESSED THEIR CRIMES.

(Publisher: If the Truth was told)

—Our paper, The New York Times, is the most trusted news source in the world. Lately we've been devoting pages to first-person accounts of lockdown experiences, during the pandemic.

Yesterday, owing to the exhaustion of our editors, we published a piece by a resident of Riverhead, Long Island, without properly vetting the text. We apologize for the error.

Apparently, this person was trying to describe a dream he had. He couched his story in terms of a briefing, but obviously no briefing occurred.

The Times editor who allowed the errant piece to be published also lives in Riverhead. We're investigating to determine whether he, in fact, was the author.

(Publisher: It's Jon showing how easy it is to be manipulated. If the real story came out it would look something like this. But hell of a good read. It makes you look for which parts are true and not... it 'rings' true as far as I can tell.... from behind the curtain, but not stipulated facts by the other side. I sent this to everyone and on top of the page to demonstrate how such information gets a life of it's own (even when he says in the first sentence that it isn't true). I'll get push back for doing it,... but it will definitely make the point of how we are manipulated.... Even with a 'Here comes the Bullshit' at the top.)