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Becoming Pod People

•, by Henry Makow PhD

To be socially isolated except for our internet connection
until finally, they pull the plug on our feeding tubes.

Extrapolating from the current trend.

Clearly, the COVID "pandemic" is not intended to be a passing emergency but a ruse to impose a "new normal" corresponding to the UN's Agenda 30. 

The dystopian future is taking shape. Mass gatherings have been canceled.  We must experience the world on a TV screen. The NFL plays in front of a cardboard crowd to sound effects. 

Millions are stuck at home, working "remotely," or paid to do nothing. (Will they ever agree to work again?)

Restaurants and other businesses in urban centers are going bust. 

Students are deprived of the society of their peers, forced to take their courses online. Many are confined to their dorms without proper provisions.