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Why I Can't Wait For Reparations To Black Americans To Begin


What crazed lefties don't get is that it is about entrepreneurship and production, not handouts and consumption to keep you in the good life.

So I have been thinking a lot about how to provide consumption services to guys like this when they get their reparation checks.

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**Language Warning**

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) September 13, 2020

Now, I have black friends who I would put in the Thomas Sowell category but that is not going to be where the action is, it is going to be with guys like the above. 

The big winners are going to be the sellers of heavily marked up and tricked out used cars, spray-painted (and heavily marked up) athletic shoes, never before seen (and heavily marked up) cell phone covers, wild  (and heavily marked up) parties at the Four Seasons. I am going to be at the service of the reparations receivers with this kind of stuff and a lot of reparations money is going to be back in the hands of this white man and very fast.