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Barr says violent protesters should be charged with sedition

• Natural News - Ethan Huff

(Natural News) With the November election fast approaching, tensions on both sides of the political aisle continue to escalate. And because violence is often the outcome, Attorney General William Barr is urging state attorneys general to remember that the worst forms of it can be prosecuted under a rarely executed sedition law.

During a recent conference call with U.S. attorneys all across the country, Barr emphasized that the chaos will more than likely worsen as we approach Nov. 3. Particularly on the left, anarchists, you might call them, are hellbent on spreading death and destruction, which is already unraveling civil society at breakneck speed.

To help minimize the fallout, Barr wants legal experts to know that if there is strong evidence to suggest that "protesters" are conspiring against government agents or officials that sedition charges could be warranted.

While admittedly difficult to prove in court, a sedition case involving imminent danger can be won, resulting in stricter penalties than those for, say, disorderly conduct or rioting.

"There's all these different statutes the government can use if they are worried about things like property damage," says Jenny Carroll, a law professor at the University of Alabama who contends that sedition charges represent an escalation of the government's response to such violence.

"If you start charging those people, even if you don't get a conviction, it may make people think twice before going out to exercise their right to free speech."

If the violence isn't stopped, it will continue to escalate

Image: Barr says violent protesters should be charged with sedition