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The FALL Of France! - Economy Faces IMMINENT Disaster! - Will People RISE UP?

• WAM - Josh Sigurdson - Tim Picciott

Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor about the fall of France as the French government announces another 100 BILLION Euro relief plan to stimulate the economy. 

The problem? France has been in dire straits for years, facing an imminent collapse. We reported last year outside of the French central bank on the imminent dangers France faces. This is nothing new. But on top of that already existing imminent disaster, the French government shut down the entire economy and completely destroyed the majority of small businesses. Now they want to come in as the solution for the problem they created in the first place. 

Tim explains the problems this stimulus presents to France as Macron continues to lose popularity and another uprising by the yellow vests is just on our doorstep.