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New Graphene-Based SuperBattery To Charge In 15 Seconds

• by Mark Kane

Skeleton Technologies, an ultracapacitor specialist from Estonia, announced that together with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) in Germany, it is working on a new groundbreaking graphene battery named SuperBattery.

The SuperBattery will utilize Skeleton's patented Curved Graphene carbon material to achieve a charging time of just 15 seconds (240C) and charging cycles counted in hundreds of thousands.

As in the case of other ultracapacitors, also this one is not energy-dense enough to replace the lithium-ion batteries, although it beats lead-acid and NiMH, reaching some 60 Wh/kg.

"The key differentiator for the SuperBattery is Skeleton's patented Curved Graphene carbon material, enabling the high power and long lifetime of ultracapacitors to be applied in a graphene battery. Ultracapacitors are increasingly emerging as the ideal complementary technology to lithium-ion batteries, as also shown by Tesla's acquisition of ultracapacitor manufacturer Maxwell Technologies in the hopes of improving batteries used in Tesla's electric vehicles."