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A Small Research Site in Rural NorCal Selected by Moderna & Pfizer/BioNTech for

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Paradigm Clinical Research Centers Inc. (Paradigm Research) in Redding, California, was selected to participate in both the Moderna mRNA-1273 and the Pfizer/BioNTech forthcoming Phase 3 BNT162 clinical trials. Paradigm Research is both a medical clinic and research site. Its founder and CEO, Dr. Jamshid Saleh who practiced neurosurgery for 22 years, stands clear about the importance of these vaccine trials. Forget politics and partisanship and whether one wears a mask or not; step up and prioritize community and patriotic duty above all else. Get out of the house, down to the clinic and volunteer to test these critical vaccine candidates. Introducing Redding, CA's Paradigm Research and two forthcoming COVID-19 vaccine trials, involving Moderna's mRNA-1273 and Pfizer's BNT162.

COVID-19 Cases Quadrupled in Shasta County

Redding is far removed from most of the rate race of urban California, like San Francisco. A beautiful and heavily rural region far to the North (about 120 miles south of Oregon border), one would think they would be safe from pandemic hotspots. But that isn't the case at all as COVID-19 cases have quadrupled in just the last month with 176 total cases and six deaths reported thus far. There is no avoiding the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen. Recently, the Record Searchlight, part of the USA Today Network, carried David Brenda's introduction to a small investigational site taking on two major vaccine trials, with worldwide implications, up in the far north of California.

Redding CA & Shasta County

This clinical investigational site isn't located in a major urban center adjacent to a major academic medical center but rather in the heavily rural, and for many desirable, part of Northern California. At the northern end of California's great Central Valley, Redding is the Shasta County government seat and "big city" of 92,000 for these parts.

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