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A MASSIVE Stock Market Bubble! - Experts WARN Of The Cataclysm To Come!

• WAM - Josh Sigurdson - Tim Picciott

Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor about the fall of the stock market as many mainstream analysts warn of a bubble and a collapse of especially the S&P 500. 

2020 has been a very strange year for the stock market and highlights the level of manipulation the stock market faces as the Federal Reserve buys up bonds, in some cases foreign bonds. 

From hitting highs to hitting bottoms to hitting highs again to dropping off a cliff again, this year shows no signs of relenting. As the election approaches, the stock market will be hugely indicative of who will win and how investors will end the year. 

We've been talking about this issue for years, warning about the inevitable flaws in massive central planning and market manipulation. It is now all coming to fruition as it has throughout the year. 

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Comment by Ed Price
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While it is true that this bubble will pop some time, the question is, is it now, or will we see at least one more chunk of gigantic growth, which will send the market just about to the moon before it collapses for real?