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Anti-mask protest group cites freedom of choice

• Windsor Star

About three dozen people participated in an anti-mask "Hugs over Masks" protest Saturday in downtown Windsor.

Carrying signs that included "Love over Fear" and "Country in Distress" at Charles Clark Square, the group's leader Catherine Carter downplayed any COVID-19 health risk by not wearing a mask and emphasized how the choice to go without should be everybody's right.

"We are saying 'no more," Carter told the assembled group of protestors in a short address. "We control government, they don't control us. Stand up now and take back your power."

A few of those in attendance carrying signs cited media bias on the mask issue when approached and refused comment.

Group members showed no concerns about the virus as they mingled among one another in close distance, sharing hugs, high-fives and side-by-side conversation.