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Shop Owner STANDS UP To Tyranny In Sedona! - This Video Will Be BANNED

• World Alternative Media - Josh Sigurdson

Josh Sigurdson talks with Steven Pishdad, owner of Sedona Republic, a shop in Uptown Sedona selling t-shirts, hats and signs, many of which contain important truths you're not allowed to see. 

With shirts blasting the scam we've all been side swiped by in 2020 hanging in the doorway, he is forcing people walking down the street, locals and tourists to think outside the box and spreading seeds of truth throughout Sedona and elsewhere! 

As the government tried to shut him down for months, he just stood up to them and kept pushing forward. As they hit locals with absurd mandates, he ignored the mandates. They financially attacked him and essentially dragged him through the mud, but he didn't give up and this is a lesson to all business owners. 

Either you don't comply with tyranny and you may lose your business. OR, you comply with everything completely and you likely lose your business after this is all done anyways. Which would you rather?

This video is likely to be banned, so make sure to find us on the alternative platforms!