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Why I Diaper Report

• Eric Peters Autos

Some of you may wonder why I am so dogged about not-Diapering. More precisely, dogged about Diapering, generally. What just happened in Melbourne, Australia may help explain.

Armed government thugs – accoutered in Diapers – descended upon the home of James Bartolo – a former soldier who questions Diapering and the "locking down" of the entire population over proved to be false assertions about a sickness that doesn't kill 99.6 percent of the population.

They smashed in his door and carted him off to a cage for his questioning – and his advocacy of resistance to Sickness Psychosis. Not with violence. Bartolo simply urged people to go outside and live – peacefully – as they once did in Australia, before it became a crime to not abide by the decrees of Gesundheitsfuhrers regarding a sickness that poses no threat (well, no threat of death) to 99.6 percent of the population – most of whom don't even get the sniffles.