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Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker claims ownership over all students in the state...

•, Lance D Johnson

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is essentially claiming ownership over all students in the state by imposing a mandatory flu shot for all students under the age of 30, including any child six months and older attending daycare.

Governor Baker imposes vaccine violence on the people of Massachusetts

"I would hope people would understand this is an important part of how we continue to fight the [corona]virus here in Massachusetts," quipped Governor Baker in a State House news briefing on August 20. "The more people who get the flu shot don't get the flu and don't wind up in the ER."

Of course, this is the governor's one-size-fits-all opinion, which isn't supported by any factual data. In fact, the CDC admits the flu shot is ineffective and causes mutations in the flu virus each year. Moreover, a study found that the flu shot increases childhood hospitalizations for flu-like illness 3-fold and can even send kids into convulsions. In regards to the coronavirus, a Department of Defense study found that the flu shot causes greater susceptibility to coronavirus infection. No matter what conclusions can be made by power-drunk officials, no one has the right to inject people against their will.