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COVID Derangement Syndrome (CDS) on parade: Mainstream media tells you everyone will die...

•, Mike Adams

In the mainstream media, Covid Derangement Syndrome causes reporters to claim that the COVID-19 pandemic will kill everyone unless we lock down all of human society to the point of economic strangulation. In the view of mainstream reporters, sacrificing the entirety of human freedom, joy and productivity is worth it as long as one life is "saved" from the coronavirus.

In the alternative media, Covid Derangement Syndrome is inflicting reporters who claim there's no virus, that no one died from any virus, and that the entire global pandemic has been faked from the start. These CDS sufferers also tend to get extremely emotional when they see someone wearing a mask, even by choice.

Almost every news source on the internet today falls into one of these two camps, with an extremely small number of news publishers navigating the fanaticism and producing reliable, fact-based reporting on the Wuhan coronavirus situation. But those publishers are extremely difficult to find, and most of them are banned from Big Tech's networks, because Big Tech only allows mainstream media lies (or left-wing narratives) to survive their censorship purge.