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Tesla Battery Day Is Coming: Solid Predictions Of What To Expect

• By Steven Loveday

YouTube channel Two Bit Da Vinci features not one, but two self-proclaimed technology nerds. In our search for information about the upcoming Tesla Battery Day, their channel was on our radar. This is because they do their homework and they know what they're talking about. We've read, watched, and shared multiple stories speculating about the highly anticipated Tesla event, and now we just have to wait and wonder whose predictions are right.

People have been waiting for Tesla Battery Day for many months. It had to be pushed back a few times and is now scheduled to occur on the same day as Tesla's Investor day, September 22, 2020. Both events will have virtual components due to the pandemic. We obviously know Tesla is going to cover batteries, but what aspect, as well as how it will impact the future, is unknown.

Tesla could simply reveal new battery tech, such as a million-mile battery. Or, it could dive deep into its 'Roadrunner Project.' Perhaps the Plaid powertrain too? Will there be information about range, charging, and upcoming models?