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Gates Suffers from CO2 and Viral Dementia

• - Dr Mark Sircus

For a world crippled by the coronavirus, salvation hinges on a vaccine. True or false? You can divide the world between those who think it is true and those who feel it is false. A Grand Canyon lies between the two sides, but we know which side Gates and Fauci are on.

Officially there is no treatment for COVID-19, and that is why they can get away with saying salvation hinges on a vaccine. If there are treatments that work, which there are, there is no need for a vaccine. What kind of people would deny treatments that would help millions? Only monstrous personalities, terrorists of some kind. However, that is precisely what these health officials do—pretend no treatments exist.

There are more than several treatments being offered by different doctors and medical organizations in the world, but none of them are being accepted by the mainstream narrative. Neither the WHO, FDA, or the CDC are behind treatments for the simple reasons they are not vaccines.

I feel sorry for a civilization that can only be saved by a vaccine. Having everyone go out in the sun to build vitamin D plasma levels would be more effective and safe than any vaccine.

It is sad (pathetic) that people even listen to businesspeople and now politicians playing doctor. A new type of terrorism is attacking the world and it has managed to pull off the greatest terrorist attack in history. Never before has any organization been able to attack the entire planet simultaneously.

There Is No One Like Gates

Gates is a special case for he suffers from CO2 and Viral Dementia at the same time, both easily diagnosed conditions. He is also one of the principle ring leaders of this vast viral terrorist organization.