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Runaway tire bounces down the road and smashes into house at 65mph...


This is the bizarre moment a runaway tire travelling at 65mph hurtles across a road and smashes into a front porch.

CCTV footage filmed outside a property in Pataskala, Ohio, shows the errant car part zoom off the road and onto the front lawn of a house.

It bounces off a tree root and slams into the front of the house before shattering a pillar, hitting the doorbell, breaking the mailbox and landing on the grass outside.

During the clip, which was filmed on August 20, a small white car and a truck pass the property.

Just seconds later, a speeding tire, leaving a trail of smoke in its path, makes its way down the road and zooms through the front yard of the house.

It hits the trunk of a tree and bounces straight into the front porch- smashing a pillar and even slamming into the doorbell and setting if off. 

Within seconds, the sound of shattered glass is heard as the tire crashes into a mailbox and sends it flying into the front yard.

The tire then lands onto the lawn and continues to emit more smoke into the air. 

A man soon emerges from inside the property and looks at the now stationary car part in shock. 

It is not clear how the tire came loose but wheels that fall off a vehicle can often fly into the air and bounce into other vehicles at high speed if the screws are weak and not installed properly.