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IBM Runs Quantum Hardware Optimally to Achieve a New Performance Milestone

• Next Big Future - Brian Wang

IBM has upgraded one of its newest 27-qubit client-deployed systems to achieve a Quantum Volume 64. Congratulations to IBM for advancing quantum computer technology that matches the best quantum volume metric for a quantum computer. Honeywell also claims a Quantum Volume 64 quantum computer. The best a regular non-quantum computer working on the type of problems has achieved the equivalent of a Quantum volume of 4096. This is explained below.

IBM used new techniques and improvements that used knowledge of the hardware to optimally run the Quantum Volume circuits. These hardware-aware methods are extensible and will improve any quantum circuit run on any IBM Quantum system, resulting in improvements to the experiments and applications which users can explore. These techniques will be available in upcoming releases and improvements to the IBM Cloud software services and the cross-platform open-source software development kit (SDK) Qiskit.

IBM Quantum Highlights

*IBM has reached Quantum Volume 64 on a 27-qubit system deployed within the IBM Q Network []
28 quantum computing systems deployed on the IBM Cloud over the last four years with eight systems boasting a Quantum Volume of 32
* The IBM Q Network has 115 client, government, startup, partner, and university members
* 250,000+ registered users of the IBM Quantum Experience []
* Users routinely execute more than 1 Billion hardware circuits per day on IBM Quantum systems on the IBM Cloud
* Researchers have published 250+ papers based on work on IBM Quantum systems