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They're Just F*cking With Us Now. Because They Can.

• The Burning Platform

This explains why those who control narratives can determine actual outcomes: because those with the loudest bullhorns, so to speak, decide what most people will perceive as true in any certain place at any given time. And let's face it:  Most people are just plain gullible. Advertising works because people want to believe.  Even more, they need to believe.

And therein lies the rub behind the COVID deception.  For most folks, verifiable facts do not matter to them. Neither does logic or reason.  This is why most minds will not be changed regarding COVID and all it entails, or all that ensues. Maybe it is primarily fear that is blinding the masses. Or it could be that most Americans are cognitively lazy, no longer free-thinking or liberty-minded, and many are just, simply, not that bright.

Obviously, fear has a magnifying effect on gullibility. Create a monster, tell people about it, and, then, offer them ways to avoid said monster.  It's a brilliant way to control those who are terrified because when they obey the safety guidelines they're provided, they feel they are fighting the monster themselves.  In so doing, not only have they internalized the fear of the monster, but they've also validated the monster as real.

So, how can people be deprogrammed?  When engaging the COVID-deceived, one can question their premises.  One could remind them of the following:  "Never in world history have so few controlled so many." They could be asked this question next:  "What if those few really did NOT have your best interests in mind as these draconian lockdown mandates are decreed?"

Sadly, they will look right at you and say:  "Well, I know someone who knows someone who died from COVID".    A response to this might be:  "Well, even so, if you study the actual infection rates and mortality data of COVID, you'd realize the current hysteria is way overblown.  And it seems to have been politicized now, too.  Don't you agree?"

Then, at this point, while remaining six-feet away and mumbling behind their masks, any liberals will bemoan Trump's mishandling of the "pandemic" as conservatives explain how they just can't afford to take any chances with the virus because of "elderly parents", or "young grandchildren", or… ._________ (fill in the blank).