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Was Millie Weaver secretly declared an "enemy combatant"--

• by Mike Adams

Dave Hodges of has posted a video that raises important new questions about the Millie Weaver arrest, including the fact that authorities are apparently claiming Weaver and her husband have been indicted under a "secret grand jury indictment."

Is this the Soviet Union or something? Since when are U.S. citizens arrested after being charged under "secret grand jury indictments?"

Adding to the questions, Alex Jones of InfoWars also said in a video posted yesterday on that Millie Weaver isn't even being officially told what she's being charged with.

Other media sources are currently reporting that the Portage County Jail in Ohio is claiming they have Weaver and her husband in custody, and they are claiming the following charges are included against them in a secret indictment: robbery, obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence and domestic violence. All these charges appear to be completely fictitious.