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The Explosive Reason The Deep State In A Panic Over Roger Stone Commutation

•, TFD

There's a good reason.

The Deep State is in a panic because now, you see, because Stone was not pardoned.

His conviction still stands…and he can appeal.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Deep State Mueller, Weissman and Rosenstein all came out over the weekend to criticize President Trump's commutation of Roger Stone which prevented Stone from going to prison. The reason they are panicking is because they all know that Stone's appeal will be heard and it will show that there never was proof that Russia hacked the DNC and provided the hacked emails over to WikiLeaks. This lie brought to light will destroy the entire Russia collusion investigation scandal.

On Friday President Trump commuted the sentence of Roger Stone allowing Stone to stay out of prison while he appeals the totally corrupt case that he endured over the past year and a half. This action sent shockwaves through the MSM and the Deep State.