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More than 20,000 locked-down Melburnians vow to stand on their front porches and...


Frustrated Melburnians have vowed to stand on their front porches and unite in a chorus of collective screams as a bizarre way to deal with lockdown restrictions.

Residents of the nation's coronavirus capital pledged to figuratively stand together and unleash a communal scream at 7pm on Friday as a way of venting pent-up rage while the city endures its second week of stage four restrictions.

It draws on the success of last Friday's event called 'stand on your front porch and scream' which attracted a 24,000-strong group of Facebook users who marked themselves as 'attending' on the social media event page.

Organiser Tess Roberts created the movement as a lighthearted way for isolated residents to deal with the horrors of the pandemic.

'I could hear screaming for blocks,' he wrote on Twitter.

'Joining in was pretty cathartic too. After a few minutes, but for the sound of rain drops, life returned to eerie silence.'

The movement prompted music legend Jimmy Barnes to released vocal tips for keen screamers.