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Terrifying moment rampaging bull tramples little boy as his big brother tries to kick it...


A stray bull went on the rampage in India, trampling on a little boy as his elder brother tried to fend off the beast.

Footage shows the pair holding hands as they walk down a road in Rewari district in Haryana on August 6.

The younger child suddenly becomes scared of a group of four bulls and begins to walk away - at which point one of the animals runs after him.

The bull then pushes him to the ground and tramples on him as his sibling tries to kick it away - but he is headbutted and also falls over.

A group of locals quickly intervene and begin throwing bricks at the bulls in an effort to make them leave.

Eventually, the animals run away and the young boy can be seen being pulled off the ground by his brother before being picked up and carried away.