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So This is What the Bastards Have Planned for Us This Winter


Power freak insider Scott Gottlieb, former FDA commissioner, writes in The Wall Street Journal:

Covid is likely to persist once its pandemic phase has passed and circulate each winter alongside the flu. Even after more of us contract coronavirus infection and develop immunity to it or even after an effective vaccine arrives, some people will still get very sick.

America tolerates a heavy toll from the flu on health and productivity. But if Covid becomes a twin risk, the heath-care system will struggle to fight both at once. Limiting Covid's impact requires us to think differently about confronting respiratory pathogens in the winter.

Immunity developed to Covid, either through infection or eventually a vaccine, is unlikely to last longer than six to 12 months in most people. Reducing Covid risks starts with encouraging more people to get vaccinated for both flu and Covid-19. Only about 40% of Americans get a flu shot each year; ideally that number would be closer to 70%. Special focus should be on adults 18 to 49, as vaccination rates among that demographic have been around 30%.