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Separate Healthcare and the State

•, by Jacob G. Hornberger

Imagine if the Americans who founded our country had instead implemented a system based on government control, management, provision, and regulation of religion, both at the federal level and the state level.

Today, there would be all sorts of criticisms being leveled at President Trump, Congress, governors, mayors, and legislative bodies over how they were mismanaging the crisis within the churches.

Imbued with a deeply deferential mindset, some people would support whatever federal and state officials were doing to resolve the crisis.

Others would have vehement disagreements over what officials were doing. They would be criticizing and condemning the plans and steps that officials were implementing to resolve the crisis. They would be exasperated that officials weren't adopting their plans for resolving the crisis.

Our ancestors' solution was to simply remove religious decisions entirely from the purview of federal officials. Later, thanks to the Fourteenth Amendment, state officials were also barred from involving themselves with matters of religion.

Thus, notice that no one is criticizing federal and state officials for their missteps in managing, regulating, providing, or interfering with religious matters. That's because the power to manage, regulate, provide, and interfere with religious matters has been totally removed from both the federal and state governments.

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