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As Rent Moratorium Expires, Landlord-Tenant Battles Begin

• by Tyler Durden

Landlords are set to lose billions of dollars this year over the inability of tenants to pay rent thanks to the virus-induced recession. With much of chaos and disagreement on Capitol Hill about the next round of stimulus, nevertheless, no deal on a rent moratorium extension, landlords are now demanding back rent and August payment. 

While the exact cause of the landlord-tenant dispute turned violent in Georgia Sunday morning has yet to have an underline cause, one can only assume it might have been due to payment. 

FOX 5 Atlanta's Kaitlyn Pratt quoted Gwinnett County Police's twitter on early Sunday morning of a dispute between the landlord and tenant. 

Pratt tweeted, "LANDLORD-TENANT FIGHT Brings SWAT to a neighborhood. Landlord faces Battery, Obstruction of Justice and Terroristic threats." 

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