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FDA Director Peter Marks and the Ever-Shifting COVID Vaccine Narrative

• Childrens Health Defense - RFK Jr

During an FDA teleconference on July 8, CBER's Director Peter Marks said FDA is now willing to license COVID vaccines with a dismal 50%–and as low as 30%–efficacy, a humiliating retreat from the Gates/Fauci promise of a vaccine they intend to give to seven billion people in order for society to get back to "normal". Equally deflating, NIH's Tony Fauci conceded that vaccine immunity may only last a few months …

… and joined Gates hinting that the vaccine may not even prevent transmission:

Astra Zeneca is making two billion doses of its "Oxford" jab (Gates is heavily invested) despite proof that monkeys vaccinated transmit COVID. Paul Offit told CBS that the jab may not stop transmission and may only weaken not prevent symptoms.