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Rich Rebuilds' Forbidden Videos Are Finally Online: Will They Last There?

•, By: Gustavo Henrique Ruffo

He probably had it long ago, when he tried to do other stuff related to electric vehicles and no one cared, but having a video taken down twice and the new one follow the same path must have confirmed his choice. The YouTuber decided he could not be stuck with Tesla stuff all the time. Doing so, he'll probably get rid of "the club" and reinvent himself. This is what the video above is about: Benoit's cry for independence.

Luckily for those who did not see it before, this new video is back (for now, at least) after being pulled. It also has part of the one that was previously taken down. It was about a Tesla Model S he recovered and decided to auction for cheap after wrapping it. Would that be the reason why it was taken down moments before this text was published? We bet it wasn't. The beginning of the video, full of the sarcasm Benoit is widely known for, is more like it.

The YouTuber bought a 1969 Austin Mini that is still not running, but he cleaned its carburetor and posted a video on Twitter.