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Afghan Kid Geniuses Show the World Afghanistan Is a Country Not a War

• by Andrew Corbley

 – a number that likely represents only a piece of the viral burden, as testing capacity remains low.

They finished the project in just 5 months, and the new ventilators are portable and battery-powered, allowing them to be easily brought into rural areas for emergency use. Furthermore they cost only around $700 to make compared to the $20,000 cost of a normal ventilator.

The country has been at war for 40 years as near as makes no difference, though "been at war" implies a nation mobilized against another, when in reality they have been victims of aggression and invasion for all 4 of those decades.

It's a country where women's rights and women's education – certainly STEM-focused education – are far from the normal, yet the young women of the Afghan Girls Robotics Team were given guidance from Harvard scientists while pursuing their project.