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CDC director Robert Redfield says he's 'absolutely' comfortable with his grandchildren g


The Centers for Disease Control's director Robert Redfield says he is 'absolutely' comfortable with his grandchildren returning to school when they reopen this fall amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

Redfield said he only had reservations about one of his grandsons returning to the classroom because he has cystic fibrosis. 

'My other 10 grandchildren, eight of those are school-aged, 100 percent they can get back to school,' Redfield told ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday. 

When asked if he was comfortable with them returning to school, Redfield said: 'Absolutely'. 

'The only one there might be some reservations with is my grandson with cystic fibrosis, depending on how he can be accommodated in the school that he's in,' he said. 

Redfield's comments come as schools around the US face the same dilemma.

With the number of reported COVID-19 cases and deaths still rising, school districts are grappling with whether to bring students back to classrooms and how to keep pupils and teachers safe if they do. 

'I think it's really important to get our schools open. As I've said, it's not public health vs opening the schools or the economy. It's public health vs public health,' Redfield said.  

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