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You're Probably Gonna Get It...

• by Tyler Durden

Oddly, despite science being fact-based, each country charted its own path—showing that the pandemic itself is a political adventure and science comes secondarily—if at all.

Let me start with a few disclaimers; I'm not a biologist, I am not a virologist and I don't intend to dwell on the existing data, as most of what's out there is buggy at best and often doctored for political reasons. Besides, I don't think hard-data is important to the rest of this post. You see, I am a common-sense guy. In a world where governments have lost their collective minds, I feel I have something of an edge here.

If you read nothing else, read the following; had they stopped this thing in Wuhan, we would be right to use a containment approach to COVID-19. Instead, it's everywhere and despite your personal opinions on the issue, it isn't going away until most of us get it. There, I said it; you can hide in your basement, but you're still probably going to get COVID-19. You can quarantine a whole nation; they'll just get it next year. We are a global economy and this is now a global disease.