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Coronavirus Pt 4: Masks Don't Protect

• by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AO

The behavior of those who obsessively wear a mask, and scream at others who don't, seem similar to those who vaccinate their children but forbid unvaccinated children in their playdates. I want to respond the same to both groups: "If your mask is protecting you, why are you concerned that I'm putting myself at risk of the flu? " (similar to "if your vaccines work, what are you worried about?")

Wearing a mask has almost become nearly a cult-like participation and for some, masking seems to be a new fashion statement. There's even a name given to those who refuse to wear a mask: bare face. Many governors have made masks mandatory, even if they have no legislative authority to do so. 

I've spent the last two days combing the medical literature, search for scientific proof that masks do what we are told they do: stop the spread of infection and protect the person who wears the mask from becoming ill. After reviewing more than 50 articles, here's what I've discovered: