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Who Owns America? CEDE & DTCC

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Who Owns America? CEDE & DTCC

By Greg Morse | Red Pill Reports

(RedPillReports) If You Have Stocks, Bonds Or Securities, You Do Not Own Them: Cede & Co. does.
Who Owns Your Residential Mortgage? Cede & Co. does.
Who Caused The Collapse Of The American Economy? DTCC, DTC & Cede & Co. did.

1. The Wall Street Stock Market System is a very well masked and very well developed extreme system of financial Asymmetric Warfare.
2. The definition of Asymmetric Warfare is the collection of protocols used to bring down a country and its society from within without using a preponderance of force.
3. What we, as Americans, have been taught for 100 years in reality is a lie wrapped in an enigma.
4. The sad and shocking reality is that NOTHING in our Country today is as it seems.

5. The formation of the infrastructure that has allowed the Wall Street Stock Market System to develop began in 1913 after the meeting at Jekyl Island and was followed by the subsequent Congressional Legislation that lead to the Formation of the Federal Reserve.
6. Once the Federal Reserve was formed and approved by Congress, the groundwork was laid for the financially related Asymmetric Warfare protocols to begin conducting the theft and confiscation of the majority of the financial and real assets in the Country from those Americans who have believed for the last 100 years that they were investing in the Country by buying stocks, bonds and securities on Wall Street.
7. The Federal Government cannot survive without the support of the Federal Reserve.
8. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned and controlled financial Godfather.
9. The Federal Government, through the Congress, and because of its bureaucratic, political and character impotence, voluntarily voted to give Legal Godfather status to the Federal Reserve.
10. What the Congress did was exactly what the German Congress did when they voluntarily voted to make Hitler a Dictator for life.
11. The Federal Government does not control the Federal Reserve.
12. The Federal Reserve controls the Federal Government.
13. The Federal Reserve controls the Federal Government by controlling ALL the money consumed by the Federal Government.
14. The Federal Reserve's control of the Federal Government is manifested by the fact that, in 100 years, the Federal Reserve has never allowed itself to be fully audited.
15. The Federal Reserve discloses that it is controlled by its 12 Member Banks.
16. The question is, "Who owns and who is the controller of the 12 Member Banks?"
17. The answer is Cede & Co., as the sole Registered Shareholder, through its parent holding company the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation.
18. Companies, including Banks, are ultimately controlled by their Shareholders not the BOD.
19. Money, Constitutional or fiat, is the grease which without, nothing happens.
20. The Federal Reserve, by its own disclosure, is controlled by its 12 Member banks which are owned, and therefore ultimately controlled, by their sole Registered Shareholder, Cede & Co.
21. Cede & Co. is the Nominee of the Depository Trust Company through which Cede & Co. becomes the sole Registered Shareholder of all companies trading securities on Wall Street.
22. The Depository Trust Company is a Member of the Federal Reserve.
23. The Depository Trust Company, with its parent holding company being the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, is by far the largest and singularly most powerful Member of the Federal Reserve.
24. Why? Because the DTCC, through its subsidiaries ACTUALLY owns the 12 Member Banks of the Federal Reserve.
25. Therefore, the Federal Reserve is controlled by the Holding Company DTCC.

26. The great majority of all financial activity in the Country, upon which the national economy depends, operates through, is obligated to and is controlled by Wall Street and the Congressionally passed Asymmetric Warfare supporting legislation that gives Wall Street the right to do whatever it desires.


1. The Golden Rule: He who owns the gold makes the rules and has the control.
2. Through its subsidiaries, the DTCC owns the majority of all private, public, civil and commercial financial and real assets in the Country.
3. The DTCC therefore EFFECTIVELY owns and, in ACTUAL REALITY controls Wall Street.
4. Since the DTCC, through its subsidiary the Depository Trust Company, is the largest controlling Member of the Federal Reserve, the DTCC controls the Federal Reserve.
5. The Federal Reserve controls the Federal Government by controlling its access to the funds LOANED to the Federal Government every single time the Federal Government needs so much as a single dollar.
6. These funds are LOANED to the Federal Government by the PRIVATE Federal Reserve.
7. The Federal Government must collateralize this debt, through its citizens, and pay the interest on these LOANED funds to the PRIVATE and DTCC controlled Federal Reserve.
8. This is why income taxes paid by Americans are paid to the Federal Reserve to service ONLY A PORTION of the interest on the debt owed by the Federal Government to the PRIVATE Federal Reserve.
9. Income taxes paid by Americans is insufficient to pay 100% of the annual interest charged on the principle debt owed by the Federal Government to the Federal Reserve.
10. The principle debt owed by the Federal Government to the PRIVATE Federal Reserve is not serviced or reduced by income taxes paid by Americans.
11. The integrity of America and what is supposed to be an open free capitalistic financial market has been decimated by the DTCC controlled Federal Reserve and the financial stranglehold it has on the Federal Government.
12. The breathtaking reality is that the Federal Government gave its blessing voluntarily and legislatively to the Federal Reserve to place this stranglehold on America and its citizens.

Major Players

U.S. Congress
Federal Reserve
Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
Securities & Exchange Commission
The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
Depository Trust Company – (SRO)
Fixed Income Clearing Corporation – (SRO)
Mortgage Backed Securities Clearing Corporation
Cede & Co. As The Self Regulating Organization and Nominee for DTC
Euroclear: Formed by JP Morgan through its Brussels Morgan Guaranty Office
Clearstream: DTC Cohort and Collaborator in Europe

How Much Money Are We Talking About?

If $1 = .0034″ Thick, Then:
$1,000 is 1/3″ High
$1 Mil is 27′ High
$1 Bil is 5 Miles High
$1 Tril is 5,178 Miles High
$1 Quad is 5,178,000 Miles High