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Ford reveals its new Bronco after it was forced to delay the original...

•, By Leah Simpson

he auto maker was due to reveal the new SUVs on July 9 but had to push back the date after people noticed it coincided with Simpson's 73rd birthday last Thursday, something Ford insisted was unintentional.

United Auto Workers leader, Todd Dunn, who represents about 20,000 workers, said the delay was the 'right thing to do' and Nicole's sister told the Detroit Free Press in June that it was 'was a smart move on their part, a respectful move'. 

'This was a horrible crime, a horrible murder. Why give somebody that attention, once again?' Tanya Brown said addressing opinions that the release helps glamorize domestic violence after Simpson was infamously acquitted in the murder case of Nicole and Ronald Goldman.

Eager to avoid association with Simpson's 1994 case, the automaker opted to introduce its new vehicles on Monday, after facing a backlash on social media.