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International Energy Agency: Battery Tech For EVs Rapidly Improving

•, Charles Morris

The International Energy Agency's Global EV Outlook is an annual publication that reports on the current state of electric mobility around the world. It always contains important insights about the EV market, and this year's report is no exception. 

Over 2.1 million plug-in vehicles (pure electric plus plug-in hybrid) were sold globally in 2019—a 40% year-on-year increase over 2018, which was itself a record year. Plug-in cars accounted for about 2.6% of global car sales.

Electrification has been rapid. In 2010, there were a mere 17,000 plug-in vehicles on the world's roads. By 2019, the number had grown to some 7.2 million—about 1% of the global auto fleet. The growth has been concentrated in a few regions—47% of the world's plug-ins are in China—but it is gradually expanding geographically. Nine countries had more than 100,000 plug-in cars on the road in 2019, and market share has passed 1% in at least 20 countries.